Artist Management

One major wing of Something Drastic is its management arm. The company has managed international Asian artists such as Chinese superstar Jane Zhang and internationally renowned lyricist Chris Mosdell and is presently developing a stable of unique musical talents that can make their mark in Japan and emerge from the country to give it a badly needed presence on the international scene. We specialize in fostering collaborations between artists from around with world, with a special emphasis on Japan, and have deep contacts in the Japanese, other Asian, American and European music industries.

Something Drastic management is proud to present Chris Mosdell, renowned lyricist with vast international experience, including working with Michael Jackson, Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), Eric Clapton, Sarah Brightman and some of Japan’s most famous anime.

The latest addition to Something Drastic is Australian rock band Switch 3, with an aggressive yet approachable edge that will excite all fans of rock. The band recently released their third album “Calm Before”.

Our management team is on the look-out for artists with an international angle and that special X Factor to manage in Japan and abroad. Feel free to contact us via our contact form.


Chris Mosdell


Switch 3