Concerts and Events

Something Drastic is a concert and event specialist, with vast experience working with major domestic and international stars. We have produced showcase concerts for major Asian acts looking to break into Japan and we offer international event management and support in many international territories for Japanese acts looking to break new ground.

Something Drastic also offers complete management for brand events and parties and has worked with clients including Dunhill, MTV, Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Coca Cola, Sony Ericsson and more.

In all of its endeavours Something Drastic is a bridge between East and West. It can produce performances for artists in a variety of territories or act on artists’ behalf to secure distribution or music publishing in Japan. Our unique position as a gateway into Japan allows Something Drastic to represent companies and brands looking to enter or increase their market share in the country, promote or publicize a good, service or talent or develop a relationship with key partners in Japan.


Something Drastic offers full concert production in Japan — especially for artists looking to break into the market.

A successful show in Japan offers an opportunity to perform to the local fanbase, but also a unique promotional activity to reach new media outlets and help build the artists status both at home and abroad. Something Drastic offers services to achieve both aims inclusively.

Our vast array of support services  include artist booking, event planning, venue booking, local support staff management, ticket sales co-ordination, concert promotion, advertising, equipment provision & rental, logistical support and translators. We will also provide a personal touch, taking care of the artist’s accommodation, catering and any other needs during their visit.


Something Drastic offers event production for after-parties, product-launch events, press conferences and more. Whether you are looking to promote your brand in the music industry, are looking for artist booking, or simply want to throw a professional party that people talk about for months after, feel free to contact us.

We offer comprehensive media promotion via various platforms such as print, TV, online, mobile, radio and more. Something Drastic has unique knowledge and expertise of both the Japanese and international media markets and has worked with many major international media from CNN to Oprah to Rolling Stone and more.

With our partners throughout the industry, from sponsors to celebrities to event spaces, Something Drastic creates inventive, imaginative and high-class events. From concept design to event-planning through to coordination and execution, Something Drastic has years of experience in the Tokyo music and entertainment scene and is waiting to hear from you.

See our recent MTV x dunhill party report for further information.


MTV VMAJ After Party
Jane Zhang Live in Tokyo