About Something Drastic

Something Drastic is a specialist in developing international strategy for artists based in Asia who are looking to build their profile in new international territories, such as the United States. With a core partnership of music professionals from the UK and US, whose combined expertise in Asian music totals over 20 years experience, SomethingDrastic offers a unique service for Asian acts looking to develop in Western markets.

Our experience includes international projects with leading pop stars from China (Jane Zhang), Japan (AI, m-flo), Europe (Tokio Hotel) and Australia (Art vs Science), producing events, tours, managing artists and developing PR campaigns.

SomethingDrastic can plan an overall strategy using multiple tools to build an online/ viral buzz to support, develop and enhance their artists growth in the US, including digital radio, placement in subscription-based stores, development in social media and more, leading to the implementation of a commercial level campaign.

We are uniquely situated to coordinate a strategy to build Asian acts reputation internationally and specifically to assist artists, management and record companies with the timing and planning of releases to create the maximum buzz.

The Something Drastic team today includes specialists in many areas of the music industry. The company has also expanded with SD Agency, representing various models and talent. Check www.sdagency.jp for further information.

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